Ovedia is a chocolaterie and espresso bar located in the heart of historic Amesbury. Established in 2007, by Barbra Vogel. Named after her grandmother whose kitchen was always filled with heavenly scents and tasty treats. Barbra set out to create a brand that is known for its unique flavor profiles, unmatched taste and true artistry.

In 2011, Antoinette Whitney joined Ovedia and Barbra began training Antoinette in the art of chocolate making known as chocolatiering. By the following year, Antoinette was not only a full-time chocolatier, but she also took on the role as store manager.

Over the next several years the two realized a natural transition happening and in the summer of 2016 Antoinette took ownership of Ovedia. Antoinette plans to stay true to the Ovedia brand and it’s high standard of quality and taste all the while adding her own personal touch.

Ovedia Opening in 2007

New Ownership in 2016

Ovedia Offerings

Coffees & Espressos

We proudly serve A&E coffee. A&E coffee & teas was established in 2001 as the first certified organic coffee roaster in New Hampshire; and that commitment still runs deep. By purchasing sustainably grown items now, they ensure quality in the future.

Teas & Tisanes

From the beginning we have been serving White Heron Teas, established in 2005 White Heron is a New England based organic teas and coffee company. They began with the intention of offering divine and healthy organic teas. Within a few years White Heron started brewing their own chai, which has become a customer favorite.


We start with the finest ingredients and create small batches for the ultimate freshness. Our love of chocolate can be seen throughout our bakery. Our cookies, biscotti, and coconut macaroons are just a few items that contain Ovedia’s signature chocolate. We bake a variety of sweet and savory scones, muffins, quick breads and doughnuts.

Seasonal Drinks

Our seasonal drinks are some of our most high profile offerings. Summer brings freshly squeezed lemonades and traditional greek frappes. As we prepare for winter our menu changes to offer more belly warming options including an array of dark, milk and white hot chocolates, and seasonal lattes.

Our Confectionary Products

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We take our rich semi-sweet dark, creamy milk, or delicate white chocolate and blend in the perfect fruit and nut combinations. We take pride in creating just the right medley and pairing it with the right chocolate for the ideal flavor profiles.
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We sell our whole bean coffee by the ½ pound and full pound in store. All of our beans can be ground to your specific coffee brewing needs to be brewed and enjoyed at home. We receive coffee shipments weekly in order to maintain quality and freshness in our beans.
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Chocolate Boxes
Our one pound chocolate boxes are elegant, one of a kind, hand decorated pieces of art, and filled with 12 truffles or caramels of your choice. Our signature chocolate box filled with our handcrafted truffles is sure to leave a most favorable impression.
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Celebrate a special occasion with your favorite wine or champagne enrobed in Ovedia’s dark chocolate and then painted with milk and white accents to give it that little something extra or choose one of our ganache filled pears, dipped in Ovedia dark and milk chocolate.

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Truffles start with our semi-sweet dark, milk, or white chocolate handpainted shell and are then filled with velvety ganache that has been infused with the finest ingredients. Caramels start with Ovedia’s handcrafted signature caramel, then are topped with our mik or semi-sweet chocolate and finished with a touch of Himalayan pink sea salt.
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Make a lasting impression with your guests on your special day. Call us to reserve your consultation and tasting with our chocolatier to create an unforgettable selection of artisanal chocolates to celebrate your day. From the truffle flavors to the ribbon on every box, we make sure that every detail is perfect to make your special day memorable.
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Gift Boxes
Our gift baskets are the perfect way to share the experience of Ovedia chocolate and/or coffee. Our assortments of chocolate barks, coffee, and hot chocolate mix, as well as other confections and special occasion treats are hand picked with our customers needs in mind. Sure to make a lasting impression, Ovedia gift baskets are the perfect gift for any occasion.
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Venturing outside the shell of truffles, our unique take on stuffed fruit from Kalamata figs to dried apricots is sure to indulge your sweet tooth. Our mint frogs quickly became a favorite among our younger Ovedia customers. Let’s not forget our sweet and salty pretzel; caramel, potato chips, dark and milk chocolate, need we say more?

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